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We offer weekly delivery with no freight minimum, free technical assistance, personal service, and a wide array of credit terms. This gives smaller dealers a financial advantage over buying direct. With more than 65 years of experience, our inside sales team is highly skilled, and can assist you with any product or service needs across our offerings. Our delivery area includes Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Western Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and portions of east Texas. We have sales representatives in all these areas that can assist you in ordering, product knowledge and sales training. With all these offerings, you can’t afford not to give us a call.


We provide a full line of appliances to independent retailers and rent-to-own dealers. Crosley appliances are backed by America’s Best Appliance Warranty, Crosley Care and Crosley Care Plus. We offer lines including GE appliances, Crosley built by GE, and Forno brand appliances.

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An open refridgerator
An LG television


We supply LG electronics, as well as Silo TV’s, that offer our dealers an opportunity to be competitive and profitable in any market. We also stock Edison stereo systems and E-Bikes. Instead of buying bulk, get your electronics from us, delivered on our own trucks every week, with no freight minimums.

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Over the years, we have evolved into one of the premier furniture distributors in our market. We offer a wide range of furniture brands to choose from. Several lines of dining, living, and bedroom furniture, as well as bedding are included in our products. We have something for every price and design.

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A leather chair with ottoman